Electrician Apprenticeship

The La Feria Academy is pleased to announce that as part of the continued initiative to provide enrichment courses to our students, the La Feria Academy in partnership with the Rio Grande Valley IEC will be offering an Electrical Apprenticeship Program. The goal is to offer trade and occupational skills that are in high demand enabling our students to obtain a certification and a job by the time they complete their high school diploma. 

The Electrical Apprenticeship Program is a yearlong program that teaches the basics of residential and commercial codes, preparing students for a three year apprenticeship training under the supervision of local Electrical Companies after graduating from high school. After completing the initial year of theory at the La Feria Academy the student will have completed 2,000 hours of the required 8,000 hour theory and skill state requirement to be eligible to take the journeyman’s licensing exam and become a licensed electrician in Texas.

The program includes skills in installing electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications; troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems, performing preventive maintenance and upgrading electrical systems. It also includes skills in installing and maintaining low- medium- and high- voltage service wiring for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Students will be taught how to install and maintain data systems for computers and communications networks.

Funding received from the Texas Title I Priority Schools Grant earlier this year, has enabled the La Feria Academy to provide this program of study to our students as they prepare themselves for an exciting and rewarding career in the electrical field.